Freesat receivers have these channels : CLICK HERE FOR FREESAT CHANNEL LIST
On Combi boxes such as the Edison Optimuss Underline and the SAB Combi  the channel line up will look like this:

  1. RTE 1
  2. RTE 2
  3. TV3
  4. TG4
  5. 3e
  6. UTV Ireland
  7. RTE Junior
  8. RTE One+1
  9. RTE News Now
  10. BBC One HD
  1. BBC2 HD
  2. ITV HD
  3. CH4 HD
  4. Channel 5 HD
  5. BBC One London
  6. BBC Four HD
  7. UTV HD
  8. ITV1+1
  9. ITV2
  10. ITV2+1
  11. ITV3
  12. ITV3+1
  13. ITV4
  14. ITV4+1
  15. ITVBe
  16. ITVBe+1
  17. CH4+1
  18. E4
  19. E4+1
  20. More4
  21. More4+1
  22. 4seven
  23. Channel5+1
  24. Channel5+24
  25. Spike
  26. 5*
  27. 5*+1
  28. 5 USA
  29. 5 USA+1
  30. NEWS BBC News HD
  31. Sky News
  32. Euronews
  33. Bloomberg
  34. Al Jazeera
  35. CNC World
  36. NHK World HD
  37. Russia Today HD
  38. CCTV News
  39. FILM Film 4
  40. Film 4 +1
  41. True Movies
  42. True Movies 2
  43. more>movies
  44. movies4men
  45. movies4men+1
  46. horror channel
  47. horror channel+1
  48. CBS Action
  49. True Entertainment
  50. True Drama
  51. CBS Reality
  52. truTV
  53. truTV+1
  54.  MUSIC     Chart Show TV
  55. StarzTV
  56. Flava
  57. The Vault
  58. Bliss
  59. The Box
  60. Kiss
  61. Kerrang!
  62. Smash Hits!
  63. Scuzz
  64. Chartshow Dance
  65. Channel AKA
  66. Vintage TV
  67. Heat
  68. Magic
  69. Viva
  70. NOW Music
  71. KIDS  Cbeebies HD
  72. CBBC HD
  73. CITV
  74. Kix
  75. POP
  76. POP+1
  77. Tiny POP
  78. Tiny POP +1
  79. Pop Girl
  81. Yesterday
  82. PBS America
  83. Horse & Country
  84. Food Network
  85. Food Nework+1
  86. Travel Ch
  87. Travel Ch+1
  88. PickTV
  89. Pick TV +1
  90. Challange
  91. Showbiz
  92. Community TV
  93. Showcase
  94. Propery Show
  95. My Channel
  96. Propeller
  97. TV5 Monde (French)
  98. France 24 (Eng)
  99. BET


Motorised Dishes


Many installers seem to shy away from motorised dishes, finding them problematic to set up. We welcome and enjoy this work. If the set-up is done carefully they work very well,  giving thousands of channels from all over the world.

Most motorised systems would consist of an 80-90 cm dish and a Diseq motor, which is powered and controlled by the satellite receiver. We recommend the Technomate  5200 or 5400  as particularly good receivers to use with a motor.

Please phone or email us to discuss your requirements.

Free-To-Air Satellite TV

Great news!

tile-freesatALL BBC and ITV channels are available Free-to-Air (unencrypted). Anybody can watch these channels, regardless of where they live, absolutely FREE of charge! AND NOW ALSO CHANNEL 4 AND FIVE!

In addition to BBC and ITV there are many other great channels, including Film 4, More4, E4, True Movies, Movies for Men, Movies 24,  Sky News,  CNN,  Chart Show TV, The Vault,   Reality TV,  Horse and Country, POP,  Tiny POP , etc.  In all, around 90 unique channels for your enjoyment.

Why pay for what you can get for free.
A full list of available Free-To-Air channels can be found here.

We are Satellite Specialists.

So we can help you with anything from a simple Sky installation to a motorized setup capable of receiving from up to fifteen satellites and providing several thousand channels in a host of languages.

We only use top quality materials that have been tried and tested and give the best performance and excellent reliability in the windy and wet climate we are stuck with!

Can I get Satellite TV?

A satellite dish needs to face in a precise direction, almost exactly South-East for Astra 2 (Sky and most English channels). If there are trees or buildings blocking the sun at 11am GMT then you may not get reception. A dish can be attached to a bracket on a North or West facing wall looking over the roof. This is a popular option if the front of the house faces South and it is required to hide the dish from view.
Other options include mounting the dish on a back wall or fence or to a pole concreted into the ground.

Over 98% of homes can receive satellite, so if you are in any doubt please ask. Sky’s direct contractors are usually only interested in the quick easy jobs, so if they have told you can’t have satellite give us a call anyway.

How much does it cost?

We can supply and install a quality Digital Satellite Receiver, Dish and cable from

€195 fully inclusive of VAT.