The Right Equipment

Today there are many sources of interference to a television signal both from inside and outside the home. This can come from mains wiring, ventilation systems, mobile phone and radio communications masts, car and motorbike engines … the list is endless. Much aerial equipment is very poor at filtering out and screening from this ‘noise’.

Signal Solutions use only tried and tested aerial products. When the installer calls to your home he will assess exactly what is needed to provide the best reception possible. A wide range is carried in the van at all times. Most products are from the market leaders Triax and Antiference.

Higher Standards

At Signal Solutions we believe in doing the job to the highest possible standards, whether it is a simple domestic aerial job or a large distribution system for an apartment complex. Care is taken to ensure that the job is done neatly and  that  your home or premises is treated with the respect it deserves. The technician will measure signal levels and quality  at various stages to ensure you of the best reception available. Good quality parts ensure longevity, saving you money in the long term.

Most installations by Signal Solutions take longer than similar work by our competitors. There are 3 main reasons for this:

1. Assessment and Consultation.
Signal Solutions believe in taking the time to assess a job properly to make sure that the correct equipment is used and cable runs, dishes and aerial positions are agreed with the customer.

2. Working Practices.
We believe in working carefully and methodically through a job. A rushed job is a botched job that may not work well or may fail at any time. Full attention is given to the safety of the installer and everybody else around the worksite.

3. Finishing The Job.
Signal Solutions do not consider a job finished until all televisions and ancillary equipment have been properly tuned, set-up and demonstrated to the customer.

We rarely know exactly how long a job is going to take until we see it. Because of this it is almost impossible to keep to exact appointment times. Unless you are first call in the morning you will be given a window of a few hours in which to expect the visit. If we are running very late you will always get a phone call.

What’s different about us?

Signal Solutions enjoy giving you high quality service! Not a lot of people can say that. We like to keep you informed about the details of how we work and the technical details you need to know, so that that you can make informed decisions.

Other operators often prefer to keep these details from you in the hope that you will fail to notice poor quality materials, fittings and installation.

Elsewhere on this site you will find various articles related to Television, Aerial and Satellite technological developments, and other more casual but useful information. We hope to increase the articles that appear here over time so that the website becomes a mine of infomation locally on this subject.

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